Conjuring the Sacred Feminine in the Tarot


Conjuring the Sacred Feminine in the Tarot


Tarot is, among many things, a repository of symbolic images in which one can tap into to invoke, activate or restore specific aspect of themselves and stir up the unconscious. 

In this class, we will unpack the variety of feminine archetypes contained in the tarot as well as their different mythical narratives. We’ll try to grasp femininity in its most sacred and profane faces as well as their fierce and dark aspects, from the Maiden to the Crone, the Wild Woman, The Mourning Mother or the Holy Prostitute. 

Each students will be given the opportunity to share the symbolic figures of their chosen pantheon and explore their images through the tarot, in order to enrich them with a more profound sense of personal meaning and authenticity 

At last, each students will create an idiosyncratic icon, a tarot card mixing tarot symbolism with their own instinct and creativity. Each cards will to reclaim the feminine qualities they want to explore. This visual collage, will created as well explore the idea and traditions behind domestic altar making as a feminine form of spiritual practice. 

Met Archetype Safari: An optional part of the class will take the morning of the class at 10am at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Each Student, accompanied by the teacher, will hunt images of feminine figures in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum. These images will be used as resources later on in the class.  

Although this class focuses on woman archetypes and femininity, everybody, whether their gender identity, is welcome! 

Students are not required to bring their own tarot decks but feel free to bring them and show off what you have! We'll work mainly with the Rider Waite Smith deck, but also with more abstract decks such as the Khan & Selesnick "Carnival of the End of the World" and the Tarot de Marseille. 

French born Laetitia Barbier is a professional tarot reader, teacher and an independent scholar. She has worked with Morbid Anatomy since 2010, and was programming director and head librarian at the shuttered Morbid Anatomy Museum, in Brooklyn. Laetitia has a deep fascination with the tarot, its history and iconography, a passion she shares through her Instagram @laetitia.cartomancy. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.
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As an experienced tarot reader, Laetitia is a firm believer in the empowering nature of the Tarot as a a visual tool to help us bring clarity to the complexity of life, providing information and insights to decisions were facing, or shining a light on options that we might not have considered.

Image: Birthday, Dorothea Tanning, 1942

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