Help us produce "Stars, Fools and Lovers" our Tarot book!

We at Morbid Anatomy are so excited to announce Stars, Fools and Lovers, a new illustrated book project with our good friend Mark O Pilkington atStrange Attractor about the art and history of the tarot. We are just launching a campaign via Unbound in order to help us raise the funds we need to create it. Awards range from a pre-order of the book to include signed, limited edition hardback versions of the book, tarot readings and classes, custom totes, and much more! 
Stars, Fools and Lovers will explore the art, history and symbolism of the tarot through dozens of antique and forgotten cards, from the well-known Rider Waite Smith deck to Austin Osman Spare's recently discovered Major Arcana, as well as reinterpretations by contemporary artists.

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The tarot's origins stretch back to ancient Egypt but the cards as we know them today have their roots in 18th century Europe as playing cards. Since then, the seventy-eight card deck has become one of the most popular visual oracles of all time, and one of the most adaptable as well. Along the way it has inspired seekers, occultists, artists, film makers, writers, pop stars and fashion designers -- its influence can be seen in the work of the Surrealists as well as the TV series Twin Peaks. 

This book includes a history of the tarot and its use, as well as instructions on how to read the cards intuitively, to follow its traditions without dogma and suggests ways to experiment with the cards to find inspiration and enlightenment. The book will also present the thoughts of a variety of professional tarot readers about the pleasures and pitfalls of practical cartomancy.

Written and collected by Morbid Anatomy's @Joanna Ebenstein and Laetitia Ante Delictum – herself a professional tarot reader – and Strange Attractor Press's Mark O Pilkington this book is equal parts art book, how-to, history, and a meditation on tarot symbolism and its uses.

Tarot Session with Laetitia at the Morbid Anatomy Library

Date: Saturday, June 23rd
Time: 12pm - 5pm
Location: Morbid Anatomy Library, located in the Fort Hamilton Gatehouse, in Green-wood Cemetery. 

Exceptionally and to celebrate the last week-end of our Green-wood Summer season, join me for tarot reading sessions in the Morbid Anatomy Library. 

Readings will be $20 for 10 minutes. Hope to see you there!

More on Instagram at profile @laetitia.cartomancy
For inquiries :

The Morbid Anatomy Library is located on the first floor of the Fort Hamilton Gate House, at Fort Hamilton Parkway and Micieli Place, easily accessible on the F and G trains at Fort Hamilton Station. If arriving at the main entrance (25th Street & 5th Avenue) the Gate House is approximately a 25 minute walk through the Cemetery. The exhibition is not handicap accessible.

Tarot Readings and Workshops in Lily Dale this Summer!

I'm so thrilled to announce that I'll be spending some summer time in Lily Dale, the largest spiritualist community in the US. For the occasion, I'll teaching an intuitive tarot workshop on July 29th and will be giving readings on July 30th at the Spirit Art Gallery, on the generous invitation of artist and medium Dr. Susan Barnes. 

I was introduce to Lily Dale by my friend, Shannon Taggart, who photographed the spiritualist community for more than a decade. She will be curating a serie of lectures and events in The Dale around these dates, which I highly recommend to attend if you are in the area. 

Intuitive Tarot Reading Workshop

Price: $35
Date: Sunday, July 29th
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Location: Spirit Art Gallery, 60 N. Main St. (RT. 60), Cassadaga, NY 14718

Tickets: HERE

As an experienced tarot reader, Laetitia is a firm believer in the empowering nature of the Tarot as a a visual tool to help us bring clarity to the complexity of life, providing information and insights to decisions were facing, or shining a light on options that we might not have considered.

In this class, Laetitia will present a variety of simple techniques that will help you to read card without the help of your beloved tarot books by developing your intuitive abilities. After a historic overview of the tarot and its basic organization, attendees will learn to unpack their own symbolic values, and how to connect deeply with the visual archetypes of each cards. Together, we'll learn how to weave a story out of the cards' different meanings, and will explore different ways to create spreads that resonate with your query. 

This class is a beginner to intermediary level, everybody is welcome! Students are not required to bring their own tarot decks. We'll work mainly with the Rider Waite Smith deck, but also with more abstract decks such as the Khan & Selesnick "Carnival of the End of the World" and the Wild Unknown. 

French born Laetitia Barbier is a professional tarot reader and an independent scholar. She has worked with Morbid Anatomy since 2010, and was programming director and head librarian at the shuttered Morbid Anatomy Museum, in Brooklyn. Laetitia has a deep fascination with the tarot, its history and iconography, a passion she shares through her Instagram @laetitia.cartomancy. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.
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Tarot Reading Sessions

Price: $80
Date: Monday, July 30th
Time: 10am to 6pm -  Sessions are 60/75 minutes
Location: Spirit Art Gallery, 60 N. Main St. (RT. 60), Cassadaga, NY 147

To book a session during my residency, you can schedule an appointment via



Reading Tarot for Khan & Selesnick's Opening Reception

Saturday, January 20th, I had the honor to Join artists Khan and Selesnick for free reading sessions to celebrate their Carnival of the End of the World Tarot and their new exhibition at Artyard. Curated Mike Carroll, Truppe Fledermaus & the Carnival at the End of the World is an immersive, intricate and rich world made of photographs, paintings, sculptures, costumes, props, deck of cards, augury, ceremony and general madness. 

For the occasion, I gave free readings exclusively with Khan and Selesnick's somptuous Carnival of the End of the World Tarot deck, in a divination tent they built for the occasion. 

The exhibition is on until April, go see it!

More info about the exhibition here: 

Photo: Nicholas Khan


Tarot Reading Residency at Halyards !


Dear friends, 

I'm so thrilled to announce that I will be offering tarot readings at Halyards, every tuesdays, from 6pm to 9pm. Prices will be $2 per minute, duration to your liking. I will bring both my Rider Waite deck and the Carnival of the End of the World Tarot by Khan & Selesnick. See you there soon ! 


Address Below

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

Warm regards,